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Door style: Pendleton  |  Species: Maple  |  Finish: Autumn with Carmel glaze
Owners: Anonymous by request
Dealer: Showplace Kitchens, Harrisburg, SD

When you enter this luxurious suburban home, the first thing to strike you may be the powerful use of color -- rich warm tones in strong counterpoint to vivid greens and metallics. Then you may notice the textures, from rich hardwoods to natural stone to intricate tile. Or perhaps you'll be struck by the bold interplay of shapes -- arches and cylindricals and angles. No matter what dominates your first impression, you will certainly come away from the encounter knowing there is nothing shy or reserved going on here. The innate flexibility of Showplace cabinetry facilitates a designer's exuberant vision. Click a thumbnail below to see more.



Living Room


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