painted finishes
The versatile palette of Showplace painted finishes give the visual impression of a painted surface, but with Showplace lifetime-warranty quality. These finishes are created by a multistep process that includes final topcoating with an oven-baked varnish for superior durability, in satin or matte sheen. 23 standard paint colors are offered. These can be accented with free hand-wiped glazing to create a unique and subtle persona.

When the color selection is critical, the Showplace ColorSelect option lets you specify any of more than a thousand Sherwin-Williams paint colors for your cabinetry, trim and accents. And if even THAT'S not enough, ColorSelect Custom frees you to match color from any paint brand's swatch book or fan deck.

You can also opt for Showplace distressing to create an impression of aging. Choose the Charcoal finish for bold contrasts. Or select one of the dramatic Vintage paint choices.

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