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convenience in motion
This video shows that there are lots of smart and creative ways to make your new Showplace kitchen a more efficient and convenient place. But this is just an overview. Talk to your Showplace dealer to learn about all the choices.
If after watching the video you want to dig deeper into a topic, check out the linked transcript below. This video is part of our Showplace Academy series, the quick way to get up to speed on the basics and esoterica of cabinetry for the home.
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(Click any text in red for more information.) Showplace convenience accessories take the science of space utilization to a high art.

Roll-out trays make kitchen tasks much easier, as cabinet contents glide out to meet you. Showplace roll-outs use hardwood trays with dovetailed joinery and soft-closing undermount glides for lasting durability and smooth action. They're offered in both base cabinets and tall cabinets, to open your design options.

Showplace Lazy susan corner cabinets are offered in many styles, sizes and configurations. They make good use of space that might otherwise go to waste. This deluxe version has epoxy-finished trays and metal railings, for a refined look and feel.

Showplace drawer front bins are a perfect home for cleanup necessities, right by the sink, where you need them. They turn wasted space into a handy storage spot.

A knife block drawer insert adds convenience and eliminates counter clutter. Glide-out waste baskets are offered in several sizes and configurations. They keep trash and recyclables out of sight, and are easy to empty. Options include single and double bin versions.

The Showplace two-tiered cutlery drawer operates with smooth precision, with a soft-close action. The hardwood dividers have a durable sealed finish for years of use.

Every kitchen has a collection of spices, and Showplace offers several creative ways to store these odd-shaped items. A drawer spice rack is handy beside the stove. Pull-out spice racks are offered in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Wall cabinet storage can be maximized with a Showplace lazy susan. They're a smart use of corner space in your kitchen design.

And if you really want the ultimate, look at the Showplace tall pantry cabinets. Rotating trays and door racks put the things you need right at hand.

What to do with those awkward cookie sheets, pizza pans, platters and muffin tins? Roll-out tray dividers bring order to chaos, and make the most of base cabinet space. With durable dovetailed construction, they're a good storage strategy.

A slide-out breadboard can be built into almost any Showplace base cabinet. They're great for cutting, or for additional flat space when needed.

Whether you place them high or low, horizontal wall cabinets can really freshen up your kitchen design. Showplace horizontal walls have a smooth soft-close action, and a sturdy lift-and-stay assist mechanism.

A Showplace cookware organizer cabinet is a good idea near the cooktop or stove. Its two-level design keeps pots, pans and lids right where you want them. Like all Showplace accessories, these rugged units carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Never dread lifting that heavy mixer again. The Showplace mixer-lift base cabinet makes this chore nearly effortless. And when you're done with it, the mixer glides right back down, out of sight.

As you can see, there are lots of smart and creative ways to make your new Showplace kitchen a more efficient and convenient place. What we've shown here are just a few of the many ways Showplace interior accessories put convenience in motion.

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