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If you've spent some time watching our videos, we understand if you're feeling a little overwhelmed right now. We've thrown a lot of information at you. Your Showplace dealer is the one who can help you sort it all out, and bring your dreams to reality.
If after watching the video you want to dig deeper into a topic, check out the linked transcript below. This video is part of our Showplace Academy series, the quick way to get up to speed on the basics and esoterica of cabinetry for the home.
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(Click any text in red for more information.) If you've spent some time watching our videos, we understand if you're feeling a little overwhelmed right now. There are a lot of choices open to you, and each decision is an important one. Unlike furnishings or decor, cabinetry is a lasting, permanent part of the home. It can also be an important factor in future resale value. It's important to make good decisions, that you'll be happy with for a long time.

To do that, we first recommend you spend some time at, especially the "Gallery of Homes" section of the site. There you can browse dozens of actual homes, and see how the many Showplace options can express decor themes and personal styles. But the most important decision-making resource available to you is your Showplace dealer. You can quickly find a dealer near you using the dealer locator on

Showplace products are sold only through qualified, independent dealers. They're not available through any catalog, buyers' club or website. And nothing from Showplace is sold through any big-box home centers. That's because we're committed to the independent dealer, and believe in the value of expertise in such an important task.

But it's also because we're an employee-owned Midwestern company and we just prefer to do business with independent dealers, who are often employee-owned, or family-owned themselves. Their personal reputation relies upon putting customer satisfaction first.

Once you've chosen a dealer, things can get rolling. Your designer will talk to you, get a feel for your tastes and needs, show you ideas, then get started on a design.

When a design is finalized, the cabinets are ordered and go into production. Since every Showplace cabinet is built to order, to your unique specifications, it takes four to six weeks from placement of the order to delivery at the job site. If your remodel includes major work, like tearing out walls or replacing floors, this is the time to get a head start on that. Your Showplace dealer can help you coordinate everything that needs to happen before your new cabinets arrive.

Once the cabinets are delivered, the completion time depends upon how ambitious your project is, and on factors like counter tops, plumbing and lighting that can only go in after the cabinets are installed. Good coordination among the various suppliers and installers is critical to a smooth workflow that doesn't drag on and on. Your Showplace dealer will keep things coordinated and moving forward. A refacing project can move along even quicker. It's not uncommon for a full kitchen refacing to take only two or three days on site.

So take a deep breath and get started. Make note of the things you like on Then take your notes, your ideas, and your dreams to your Showplace cabinetry dealer. You'll find that a Showplace of your own is closer than you may think.

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