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Showplace has lots of resources you can use while planning your new cabinetry creation. They offer information, ideas and inspiration. This short video gives you an overview of what's available. Take advantage of these and get off to a great start.
If after watching the video you want to dig deeper into a topic, check out the linked transcript below. This video is part of our Showplace Academy series, the quick way to get up to speed on the basics and esoterica of cabinetry for the home.
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(Click any text in red for more information.) Your new Showplace cabinetry creation can go wherever your imagination leads. Because with Showplace cabinetry, you have the wide range of choices, and true custom options, to craft a uniquely personal creation in your home.

Showplace has lots of resources you can use while planning that new creation. They offer information, ideas and inspiration. These are available at your Showplace dealer, or online in the Literature Library on

You'll want to start with our "Styles, Woods & Finishes" book. It's a great overview of our basic creative building blocks. You can compare door styles, wood and finish options, and learn about the specialty finish offerings.

A good next stop is our "Gallery of Homes," a tour of a wide selection of actual homes made more beautiful, functional and unique with Showplace cabinetry. This one is all about inspiration. Our "Enhancing your Showplace" book is an introduction to the many style and convenience accessories open to you. It's a great idea prompter, with lots of photos of everything from roll trays to moldings to carvings. Creative decorative glass options too! When you're ready to think beyond the basics, "Outside the Box" takes a look at fireplace surrounds, range hoods, islands and end caps, Murphy Wall-beds, entertainment centers, and designer closets. Find these resources at your Showplace dealer, or online in the Literature Library on

One other great resource that is only available online is our digital "Workbook," which has a step-by-step planning guide, an informative creative guide, and a detailed reference section showing lots of Showplace products. This workbook will tell you what to expect in a remodel, and help you make confident choices along the way. Find our digital workbook at Click the "I have some ideas" box on our home page. Then fill in the form, and we'll email it right to you.

Speaking of It's a great place to spend some time if new cabinetry is in your future. The "beginner's tour" will get you up to speed quickly. The "Product Guide" will walk you through the offerings. "Remodel Central" is a concise, smart look at the remodeling process. And the online "Gallery" is like your own private parade of homes, offering hundreds of photos and endless inspiration. is also your link to the Showplace dealer nearest you. Click on the dealer locator link at the bottom of any page. Showplace can also be found on Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest, Google-plus, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Take advantage of these resources and get your Showplace off to a great start.###

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